Litvaks commemorated on world postage stamps #lithuania

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Of interest to fellow Litvaks, is this philatelic collection of world
postage stamps celebrating famous Lithuanians, with one section all
about famous Litvaks .

The theme of this collection is "Lituanica" - it represents
world-wide issued postage stamps, which:
- commemorates past & present famous persons who are related to
Lithuania through their activities, ancestors or creations:
- commemorates the name of Lithuania (in different languages).
- presents Lithuanian symbols (flags, coat of arms and etc.) >from
different periods of time.
- delineates the territory of Lithuania on maps.
- mentions Lithuanian words, place-names of contemporary Lithuania,
hydronyms etc.
- The collection includes not only famous, but also controversial
persons who had some influence on Lithuanian history, politics and culture.
Herb Epstein
Melbourne Australia

MODERATOR'S NOTE: An article in the LitvakSIG Online Journal,
"Lithuanian Jews on Postage Stamps, Isaak Levitan, 1860-1900, can be found at:

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