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Dear Members,

Although I have "Rabbi Sinai Loew" (Maharal's brother) descendant names, I
have not been able to find any information on the names:
"Michl/Michal/Michael WIENER-SPIRA (SPIRO)" and his son "David WIENER-SPIRA
(SPIRO)". Since the LOEW family came >from Worms, Prague and Posen, tracing
information of their "spouses" is difficult.

*I also realize there are many Spira (Spiro) name variations: Shapiro,
Shapira, Szpiro, Szapir, Saphir, Saper, Sapir, Safir, Shpir, Shuper and
Super. The name derived >from Speyer, Bavaria, Germany in the 14th century.
Originally bore the name "Ashkenazi," to distinguish it >from the Kahane or
Katz-Spira family, prominent families of Bohemia added to their names, e.g.,
Frankl-Spiro, WIENER-SPIRO, Porges-Spiro. Branch is descended >from Solomon
SPIRA in 14th century, a descendant of Rashi. Spira (Spiro) in Jewish Enc.

Any help with my WIENER-SPIRA search or TODROS, WIENER, MARKUS & GRATZ names
is very much appreciated. Beside LOEW's, I am not sure who else was a Rabbi.

*Rabbi Sinai LOEW (b. ca 1508 Worms, d. 1607 Kolin), Rabbi of Nikolsburg
(brother of the MAHARAL), was the son of Bezalel ben Haim LOEW. Rabbi Sinai
LOEW married Chana Enokh WESSELS (Khana Enokh WESSELS).

*Rabbi Chaim (ben Sinai) LOEW Born: 1545 Died: 1620 + Krasna (bat GABRIEL)

*Judith LOEW + Eleasor TODROS Died: 1635

*Perl TODROS + Michl (s. David) WIENER-SPIRA Died: 1691

*David (s . Michl) WIENER-SPIRA + Mirl (t. Sinai) SCHLACKKENWERTH
Died: 1681 Father: Sinai SCHLACKKENWERTH, 2nd wife Elen (t. Abraham) LICHTENSTADT

*Salman (s. David) WIENER + Malke (?)

*Bele (t. Salman) WIENER Died: 1740 + Falk MARKUS Died: 1740

*Cheyle MARKUS Died: Unknown Age at death: ? + Joseph Wolf GRATZ

Researching: R. Sinai
LOEW (Worms, Prague, Posen), FRIEDMANN (Poland, Wienna), BACH (Wienna),
BOHM (Nikosburg, Wienna), GRUNFELD(Humpoletz), EISLER (Nikolsburg?, Wienna),

Thank you for your help,
Peter Rohel
Toronto, Canada

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