Announcing JRI-Poland's Next Generation (NextGen) Project #poland

Bryan Langer

The JRI-Poland Next Generation (Next Gen) Project was introduced
at this year's IAJGS conference and is designed specifically to
streamline your research and simplify the efforts of our
leadership to manage the growing database and resources we have
developed over the years.

On behalf of Stanley Diamond, executive director, and the board of
JRI-Poland, I'm delighted to update you on this exciting endeavor
to build a new website backed by an Advanced Data Management
System for volunteers to work seamlessly together.

We have invested not only our time but our hearts into making this
project a reality and have made substantial progress. Please read more
about the project and back this ambitious initiative...

Learn About the Next Generation Project Here:

Please read "Three ways to Support JRI-Poland" in
today's messages for the ways you can help build a sweet and
fruitful upcoming year at JRI-Poland for all of us.

Bryan Langer
Board Member and Next Generation Project Coordinator,
Los Angeles, California

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