Help asap I am in Lita #lithuania

Yisroel Shapiro

Dear Everyone,

I am writing you >from Rokiskis, Lita. I was in Solak/salakas, Ttena
and Zarasia. I found my some info on my gordon and munitz families.
Not much more than I knew . I did not see halevi on my great
grandfather grave so maybe we were not leviem after all.
Please pardon if hard to read. I am borrowing a computer and he wants
it back soon. I am simply trying to get the main idea on the computer
and continuie on my phone. As we cannot post via phone.

The main reason I am writing is my Shapiro come >from a small village
called Neciuiskai /natyoskuk. I know there was also a tsirt family
which might be related to. Where would be your guess where `i would
look for graves is they might exist ? I thought rorkrois and what I
could read not many . then again I only know the names common to me.
I am going tommrrow to kamai where I know there is a lieb ben chaim
Shapiro buried >from my n town. I do not know if I will find him but I
hope i Will. My dream is to find gg grandfather zalman vevel who
died near 1900. As his wife writes on 1900 census she was already a
widow in usa. So he passed in 20 years of that.

Shapiro married Krinzman/krentzman. I would love to find out more
info about that family. I have a much of names and towns and not sure
where to go first and what I will make out of it.

If you were in any of the towns I list below please give me feed
back.. When we were in salakas we met a woman who knew the people
that lived in salakas and she did research . Would love to find
similar people.

I have a grandfather moshe ben zaskind munitz who I found a record he
was >from Salakas and died in Zarasai. We went to look for him. We
found a woman munitz but not him. where else should we look he is not
on the salakas list. unless he is one of the tombstone that fell.
Could there have been anothe cemetery in zariasi.

It seems that might be some clue in Juzintai for Shapiro and
krinzman.. i simply need the code word to but it together. Where is
the cemetery?

I see possible people in Ponevesh /panevezys. does anyone know if
there a list for the cemetery there? What about kovno.

gordon - salakas , anikst, utena\
munitz - salakas - utena - breslua , lita \
shapiro - juzhint , natuhskoyk \
krinzman - juzhuit - pasvalys , ponvezh , bazasi
weltman no clue someowher enear shapiro or krinzman/krentzna homes

please any one have a clue or hint.
send to yisroelshap@...

yisroel shapiro

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