Lithuanian vital records available online #lithuania

Dorothy Leivers <dorfleiv@...>

FamilySearch has added a significant number of digitized records
to its online collections. This includes the Jewish vital records
for Lithuania which were filmed many years ago. Please be aware
that not every record in the Lithuanian archives was microfilmed.

Check the All Lithuania Database
for the Film number, which appears on the record for your family member,
and by using the information on the database, you should be able to
find the original image.

These records are not indexed on FamilySearch.

On FamilySearch, go to Catalog,
Type in the town name, then select Jewish records. If the images are
now available online, you should see a little camera symbol which
is the link to the images.

These records have been databased by LitvakSIG, so use the
All Lithuania Database to help you find the record you are looking
for and the information of genealogical interest which has been
extracted >from that record.

Dorothy Leivers
Records Acquistions and Translations

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