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Ten years ago I looked too for Kinerishki, where my great-grandfather Chaim
Ezra LANGLEBEN was born. I asked many people in Godleva (Alexotas district)
and at last they took me to a 95 years old woman. Alas, she also couldn't
tell me the location of this Kinerishki (she remembered Kinderishki, but it
is a different nearby village). I concluded that it was a very small
township, let's say a street or two in Godleva, which vanished maybe in WWI.
Therefore there are no traces anymore to Kinerishki.

Ben-Tsion Klibansky

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Subject: [litvaksig] Where is Kineriskes?

I recently had the pleasure of finding the death record for one of my great-
great-grandfather's in the LitvakSIG database. The man in question was
Iudel BLAKHARZH. A comment with the record says, "Resident of Kineriskes
village, Aleksotas area." Other relatives are >from this same village as
well, and there are notes on other records in the database that indicate
that it is on the "outskirts of Aleksotas". It seems to also have been
referred to as Kineriskia and Kineriski.

I was unable to find it using Jewishgen's town finder tool. I am familiar
with Aleksotas and its location on the south side of the Nemen River across
from Kaunas' Old Town. Based on the description I would guess Kineriskes is
somewhere within Kaunas city limits today, but where exactly was this
village relative to other locations of interest in the late nineteenth
century? Ideally I would love a digital image of a historical map that
included this village by name.

Thank you for any help.

Seth Bittker

Prienai ROTH - Onod HIPSCH, VEIS - Hernadszentandras

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