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Seth Bittker wrote: "Based on the description, I would guess Kineriskes is
somewhere within Kaunas city limits today but where exactly was this village
relative to other locations of interest in the late nineteenth century?"
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Per JewishGen Communities, Aleksotas, Lithuania was Aleksota in Marjampol
uyezd, Suwalki gubernia, Russia before WWI and in Kaunas, Lithuania between
the Wars.
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The SGKP (Geographical Dictionary of the Kingdom of Polish and other Slavic
Countries) published 1880 to 1902 includes small villages and may be
searched online.
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Enter locality name and click on "szukaj" (search). Search must use Polish
spelling and will indicate volume and page numbers.
If no matching items are found, search for any town beginning with the same
letters and browse that volume (tom).

Aleksota is listed in Volume 1 page 30 and, by browsing through Volume 4,
Kineryszki is found on page 99.

My 02 Mar 2015 post subject "Searching the SGKP (Slownik Geograficzny
Krolestwa Polskiego)" lists alphabetical localities in each of the 15
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