Searching for answers in the Vilna Ghetto #lithuania


I just found the Vilna Ghetto listing for my aunt, Doctor Devorah
Marczsalkowicz, who was shot by the SS on they day they abandoned her
concentration camp (she was doctor to some SS officers and knew too
much about them).

The Ghetto list shows 2 children sharing her surname and address in
the Vilna Ghetto. We know that she had no children, and were not aware
of any cousins with the Marczsalkowicz name.

Vilnius Ghetto: Lists of Prisoners Page 142 May 1942:

MARSCHALKOWITSCH, Boris b. 1928 Address: Ligonines 9 - 5a

MARSCHALKOWITSCH, Rachela b. 1938 Address: Ligonines 9 - 5a

MARSCHALKOWITSCH, Debora b. 1905 Address: Ligonines 9 - 5a

Does anyone have any experience of this type of situation, and what
the possible scenarios might be, or how we might try to search

Warren Marshall
Sydney, Australia

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