LitvakSIG AGM and elected board members #lithuania

Carol Hoffman

On Thursday, 11 August 2016, LitvakSIG held its annual general meeting
during the IAJGS 2016 conference in Seattle, WA. The financial report
and the activities' report were delivered followed by elections to the

We are proud to announce that Jill Anderson, Russ Maurer and Garri
Regev have been elected to the board, joining the continuing members
Barry Halpern (Secretary), Dorothy Leivers (Records Acquisition
Chair), Ralph Salinger (Membership & DC), Phil Shapiro, Amy Wachs
(Election Committee and DC) and Carol Hoffman (President). I wish the
new board success in its endeavors. We look forward to working

I thank outgoing board members Eden Joachim (Treasurer, former
President, Vice President) and Judy Baston (Vice President, DC,
LitvakSIG Digest moderator) who could not continue to serve another
term due to restrictions of our Bylaws; we do look forward to their
continued interest and activity with us. Grant Gochin chose not to
stand for another term due to overload in his work and commitment
schedule; we thank him for all that he has done and do look forward to
continued cooperation.

As the conference comes to a close, I want to extend a very special
thank you to Mrs. Virginija Cijunskiene, director of the Lithuania
State Historical Archive, who agreed to be our honored guest this
year. She has traveled the very long distance >from Vilnius to Seattle
to be with us, delivered three outstanding presentations, and has had
the patience to answer endless questions. Aciu

Our LitvakSIG presence and participation at this conference has been
wonderful. Lectures were presented by Judy Baston, Virginija
Cijunskiene, Rhoda Miller, Amy Wachs, and Ruth Leiserowitz. It was
standing room for most of the presentations. Jill Anderson (crossed
the ocean to be with us), Max Heffler, Dorothy Leivers (remote from
England), Rhoda Miller, Judy Baston, Roy Ogus, Phil Shapiro and Amy Wachs
captivated their BOF meetings with their knowledge and care. I do want
to extend a special thank you to Aldona Shapiro who helped make every
day of the conference successful!

LitvakSIG is grateful to all who has participated in helping us make
those 2.5 million, an growing, number of records online for you. We
thank you for your support and contributions; we can accomplish this
only with you.

Carol Hoffman
LitvakSIG President

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