Ann Rabinowitz

For the past few days, in memory of the members of the BDIL family,
who were killed during this action, I have been working on our
family tree and gathering new information and receiving it >from others.
Over the years, much new information has been posted online, especially
from Israel and the IGRA databases as well as Yad Vashem.
This new information has allowed me to determine that some of the
family were able to either escape or reach safety before/after the war
and settle in many different places. Prior to the war, the Bdil
family were established in Skapiskis, Kupiskis, Kvetkai, Kaunas and
Vilnius, Lithuania, as well as Daugavpils and Riga, Latvia and several
other Latvian towns.

In addition, despite being a very rare Jewish name, the family
settled in America, Argentina, Australia, England, Israel,
South Africa, and Sweden.

Some years ago, I was in touch with Moshe Weinberg, the Israeli-born
son of Alisa Bdil Weinberg. I do not remember the first name of his
father. He had the family tree and family book which were composed
in Hebrew. If anyone knows of Moshe, I would like to be in contact
with him once again and obtain a copy of the family book.

Ann Rabinowitz

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