Sher from Chicago #lithuania

Arlene Beare

I have just discovered the brother of my grandmother. He was Abraham Sher
and he went >from Lithuania to Chicago. He married a Fanny Friedland >from New
York. They had 3 children Nessie or Nettie, Esther and Meyer. I found their
graves in JOWBR in Westlawn Cemetery.

If anyone has any connection to this family I would love to hear >from you.

Arlene Beare UK
Dorfman (born Birzai Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Scher/Blum(born Pandelys Lithuania and then lived in Riga)
Berman (born Lygumai Lithuania and then lived in Jekabpils Latvia)
Samuels/Dembinski - Poland possibly Krakow and Zychlin

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