Finding Alexander Robinson in Lithuania #lithuania

Leo Cooper <leorcooper19@...>

Dear friends,

I've been having trouble finding my 3rd great grandfather Alexander
"Sandi" Robinson in Old Country records. Alexander was born in about
1855 in (I think, could be Ziezmariai) Jieznas, Lithuania. He
immigrated to Boston, MA, in about 1903 with his large family; wife
and 8 children. Just a couple weeks ago I find his grave, as well as
his wife's, in Boston. It said that his father's name was Yehuda Meir.
While I quickly found Alexander's wife's family in Sirvintos,
Lithuania, I am still trying to find Alexander's.

One factor is that I don't know Alexander's original surname. He never
naturalized, but while his many sons did, none of them had listed
their original names. It is probably not "Rabinovich" or something
similar, that was Alexander's wife's surname. I have had no success
with passenger records. I have even tried just searching "Alexander"
or Aleksander" or "Sender" or "Sandi" in all of Lithuania, but I
didn't find any record that would fit.

Does anyone know of other ways I could go about researching him? I
have looked in both JewishGen's and LitvakSIG's databases, and found
nothing. He, and all his children, were born in Lithuania, so I would
figure I would of gotten something by now. They would of all been
living at the time of the 1897 Census, but Jieznas is a pretty small

Thank you, and any help would be much appreciated.

Leo Raphael Cooper

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Jieznas is part of the Trakai District. As a
qualified participant in the Trakai District Research Group, you
would have access to Excel files of translated records for Jieznas
and nearby towns, which you could browse to try to find the name
you are seeking. Write to Trakai District Resesarch Group Coordinator
Amy Wachs at for more information.

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