Ovadia #lithuania

Hanna Grinberg <grinbergla@...>

My father Ovadia Chaim (last name Jochelson) was born in Kaunas, Lithuania
in 1901. His father was born in 1849 in Vilnius, Lithuania. His grandfather
Ovadia Zalman was born in Lithuania as well.
I never met or heard of anyone >from Lithuania that is named Ovadia. In
Israel, Ovadia is a popular first name of older Jews >from Yemen.

I wonder how prevalent is first name Ovadia among Lithuanian Jews.

Hanna Grinberg

MODERATOR'S NOTE: If you search the LitvakSIG All Lithuania Database
(which contains 2.5 million listings) for the given name Ovadia, using
a "phonetically like" search, you will find about 400 listings, most
of them with the spelling variant Avadia.

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