Searching for Berman ancestors #lithuania

Sheila Berman

I am writing for some guidance on finding a branch of my family in the
Litvak Sig records. I consider reasonably myself proficient with this
database, finding records for two branches of my family going back to
the early 1800s. I am at a brick wall,however, in finding
information on my Berman ancestors >from Jurbakas ( Yurburg). I have
searched on several name variations and have not limited my searches to
one geographic area. I have only found one record for this family ,
a 1930 marriage record of a great aunt:

Bermanyte, Sara and Isakas Kantaravichius, married 19 Jan 1930.
Sara's parents listed as Mausha and Khasia Gordonaite/Gordon
from Jurbakas
My grandfather, Samuel (Shumel) Berman was born around 1885 and, in
addition to Sara, he had the following siblings

Meier, born abt 1886
Gittel, born about 1882
Sol, born born about 1900

I am trying to determine if I am not searching the database correctly,
or if family/revision lists exist but have not yet been translated.

Thanks to any guidance you can provide

Sheila Berman
Andover, MA

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