Thank you for all the notes #lithuania

Patricia Manning <patmanning@...>

I wanted to write this to everyone because now I am a true believer in
asking the right question. I've used the site for many years and once
inquired about the name (DeWaltoff) as my "brick wall" I got no
response. With with the proper question (yesterday) I got many
replies. Thank you, thank you.

I know Litvaksig members are full of really good and useful info and I
was grateful that I was able to take advantage of your help.

Shatsky is Seta!! and Seta I know because (and this was confirmed on
Ada Green's Seta site on Kehalalinks) every single ancestor on my
maternal side is >from Seta. (I wonder about the intermarriage other
than my grandparents who are cousins.......)

I'm so enjoying this discovery.

Again Thanks.

Patricia Manning
Researching Abelski, DeWaltoff, Rez (Seta, Panevezys, Krakes, Kaunas) et al.!!

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