Re: litvaksig digest: March 26, 2018 - comment on "Is it Abelski? Is it Dewaltoff" #lithuania

Matthew Klionsky <klionsky@...>

Have you considered the possibility that the bride had been previously
married, and that the record is showing both her birth surname and her
prior married surname?

I've seen that sort of thing in my own research; on one occasion
the 'comment' field says the bride is a divorcee, and two surnames
are listed for her.

Matthew Klionsky

Subject: May be a "breakthrough" but makes the search more confusing

From: Patricia Manning <>

Date: Mon, 26 Mar 2018 19:16:39 -0400

X-Message-Number: 2

For the infinite number of years I've been researching my family I've

often found confusion in the names. Is it Abelski? Is it Dewaltoff.

(I have found records using the Dewaltoff name where I would have

expected Abelski.)

Today I found the following record on the All Lithuania database. If

it was there before ... well, I suppose you could say 'when the

disciple the teacher will appear". I don't know - but here's the

record (In text format)

Place Groom/Bride Father Place Age


Vilnius VOLK, Abram Abel Yankel Vilkomor 27


Sheina Rokhlia Bentzel Shatsky 9


Place/Year Recorded/Record type/Record Number

Vilna 1886 Marriage 132

Microfolm number/Item number Image number Archive/Fond

2205038 / 1 36 LVIA/728/3/1102

The Bride I thought was named "Sonia Dewaltoff"; it seems she had two

names. The groom's name is as expected; the father is as expected

although he was only known to me by the surname Dewaltoff..

I don't know where "Shatsky" is (found Sakiai, which is near Kaunas

but not near anything else I research (Panevezys, Vilnius).

Does anybody know a reason for the two names? Is this common? I

don't know how to start to solve this. (And I sometimes consider

myself not a beginner at this.)

I am thrilled and flummoxed and wish I had asked more questions when

I was 5 years old.

Thank you in advance

Patricia Manning

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