Re: Is it Abelski? Is it Dewaltoff" #lithuania

Fred Millner <flmillner@...>

My great-grandfather Meilich Berko Milner (Samuel M. Millner) is
listed in a Sirvintos marriage record (14 Jan 1858) as Meylakh Berko
Milner/Yanovsky. This is the only entry family entry I have ever
found that had more than one surname. In this case, Yanovsky is
probably derived >from Samuel's home town, Jonava. It might have been
a nickname for Samuel, identifying him to Sirvintos residents. (His
wife was the daughter of the Sirvintos rabbi.)

It is probably only a coincidence, but worth noting, that Samuel's
brother Shimel (Simon) married about 1870 Liba Mera Ianovski. She and
her family were long-time residents of Musninkai, but they may have
had origins in Jonava. Of course, Janovsky only means "of Jan/John"
so in this case it is not proof of anything.

Yes, names can be mysterious clues.
Fred Millner

Fredrick L. Millner, Esq., CPA

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