Vides/Vidis/Widis from Ukmerge #lithuania

Pat Fuller

Hi Fellow Litvaks - An elderly relative (by marriage) has asked me to look
into the origins of his paternal (VIDERS) family. He knows they were
originally VIDIS or VIDES >from Ukmerge, but he wonders where the name
originally came from. He understands that the origin might be Spanish (or
possibly Italian), which could mean that he may be partly Sephardic. I
suggested that he have his DNA tested, so that might help if he decides to
do that.

If anyone has any information on the origins of the VIDIS/VIDES family,
please reply to me privately at patbfuller@....

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Pat Redman Fuller
Simi Valley, California, USA

RESEARCHING: FAINBOIM Basarabeasca Moldova; KAPLITS Ukmerge Lithuania;
LEVITAN Kaliningrad Russia; LIPPMAN Taurage Lithuania; MUSS Ukmerge
Lithuania; NATHANSON Taurage Lithuania; RACHBUCH Husi Romania; ROITMAN
Carpineni Moldova; SHKOLNIK Hincesti Moldova

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