Joseph Levin, paris #lithuania

Tamar Dothan <dothan-t@...>

I am looking for any kind of information about Joseph Levin or his
descendents. Joseph was born in Lithuania, most probably in Kedainiai
[Keidan], son of Ya'acov Levin. His father's family was originally >from
Baisogala. He immigrated to Paris, France, were he was a meteorologist,
maybe a professor of meteorology. In 1921 he published a book about
the weather in Paris "Atlas meteorologique de Paris", published by
Gauthier-Villars in 1921 in Paris. His title as written in
the book was ""aide meteorologiste de premiere classe a la section des
recherche scientifiques de l'office national meteorologique". I have
been unable to locate any other information about him, including in the
French deportation list recently published.

Tamar Dothan, Jerusalem
Looking for: >from Lithuania - Sroelov, Smilg, Levin, Edelman;

from Ukraine - Lerner, Lutzky, Lissin.

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