"Documenting the Vilna Ghetto Library" Sept. 16, at JGSLA #lithuania


"Documenting the Vilna Ghetto Library"
Presented by Judy Baston
Sunday, Sept. 16 1:30 p.m.

JGSLA Meeting

Burton Sperber Jewish Community Library at American Jewish University
15600 Mulholland Drive, Los Angeles


Vilna - known as the Jerusalem of Lithuania - had a strong cultural
tradition that endured and flourished even after the Vilna Ghetto
was established in 1941.

Perhaps the most important cultural institution in the Ghetto was
the Vilna Ghetto Library; it was considered the only fully-functioning
library in a Holocaust-era ghetto.

When Judy Baston discovered that her three young cousins in the
Vilna Ghetto had been on the list of Ghetto Library patrons, she was
stunned to realize that the grimness of their daily lives had been
relieved even a bit by the stories in the books they read. Further
research led her to uncover additional documentation >from the Vilna
Ghetto Library in the Lithuanian State Central Archive.

Judy will share information about the lists of readers in the Library,
lists of workers in the Library and even a list of readers who did not
return books to the Library. In addition, she will discuss the question,
"What did Vilna Ghetto Library patrons read? She will cite reports >from
two Ghetto librarians that provide a detailed look at which authors
and titles were read by different kinds of Ghetto Library patrons.

Judy Baston is an IAJGS Lifetime Achievement Award winner (2015).
A longtime Board member and former Vice President of LitvakSIG, Judy
coordinates LitvakSIG's Lida District and Oshmiany District Research
Groups. She is also on the Executive Committee and Board of JRI-Poland.
For nearly 20 years, she has moderated the Discussion Groups of
LitvakSIG and JRI-Poland, and she also moderates the BialyGen
and Lodz discussion groups. She has been involved with the Jewish
Community Library in San Francisco for 26 years and coordinates
their monthly Genealogy Clinic.

The JGSLA Traveling Library and Mentors Corner will be available
starting one-half hour before program time.


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