Kreine GOLD (nee REIZHEVICH) #lithuania

Simon Zelman

Hi All,

I'm running into many inconsistencies in records as I'm researching
the family of my great x2 grandmother Kreine GOLD, and I'm at a bit of
a loss as to what to believe. Kreine was married to Khaim GOLD /
GOLDAS in Vilnius, and I have the 1905 marriage record listing her
father as Leib, her age as 21 (so born ~1884) and her town of origin
as Stakliskes. She died in 1980 and her tombstone in Vilnius has her
date of birth as 1888 and her patronymic as "Maushevna", meaning her
father's name was Movsha/Mausha (something my grandfather confirmed,
but this could just mean that her father's name was Movsha Leib).

It looks like Stakliskes has full (?) birth records >from 1881-1886,
and then 1889-1893 (and more). I have gone through all of the original
birth records on FamilySearch and have not found Kreine's, though I
did find several other REIZHEVICH/RAYSHEVICH/RADZEVICH births. The
family was in Alytus after WWI and in Kaunas >from around 1930 until
they were evacuated to the inner USSR as the Nazis were approaching.
Kreine's 1941 Kaunas voter record lists her DOB as 1888, but no
patronymic. A 1940 Kaunas draftee list has her down as being 50 years
old, so ~1890, but still no patronymic.

I haven't been able to find anything with her mother's name on it, and
in looking at the Stakliskes records, it looks like there were several
potential Leib's that could have been her father, and there was a
Movsha as well. Several of the REIZHEVICHs that I found could easily
be her siblings (and therefore give me her mother's info), but I can't
seem to find anything to confirm.

Any tips or suggestions? There is so much information on the
REIZHEVICH family in Stakliskes, so if/when I can finally find the
connection, this would bring this branch of the tree to the early

Thank you!
Simon Zelman
San Francisco, CA

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