Mike Getz #lithuania

Arlene Beare

LatviaSIG has lost its Founder with the death of Mike Getz. He was a really
fine person and a good friend. His contribution to all Latvian Researchers
is inestimable. He recruited me to LatviaSIG in 1997 and asked me to see
what I could do about acquiring Data >from the Latvian Historical Archives as
they were not cooperating, He was very persuasive and thus began our close
and rewarding relationship. He served not only as the Chairman but as the
Treasurer of the SIG for many years. Under his leadership the SIG grew and
became a presence on the Jewish genealogical scene. Under his Leadership it
was a vibrant Group and he instigated Publication of a LatviaSIG Journal.

He wrote many leading articles and it was a great resource for Researchers
including articles on different Shtetlach and advice for further pursuit of
Latvian family history. He was asked by Avotaynu to write the Chapter on
Latvian Research for their Publication on Jewish Genealogical Research. The
Extraordinary Commission was established by the Soviet Union after World War
2. Mike was responsible for getting the Records for Latvian Towns and with
the help of Vadim Altskan of the Holocaust Memorial Museum he made these
records available to the SIG. He was always good Company always ready to
listen and advise and a thoroughly decent human being. Sadly I did not see
him over the past years but he will be greatly missed. I extend my sincere
condolences to his wife Hilda and his family.

Arlene Beare UK

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