LUBITZ FAMILY #lithuania

Bubbles Segall

I am assisting someone with their LUBITZ research. The All Lithuanian
Database (The ALD), has various spellings of this surname Liubedz,
Lubeciute, Lubets etc

This is what we have so far:

Itsyk Wulf LUBITZ had a son Akiva Leib LUBITZ (also known as Kivel
Leiba LUBITZ).

who married Pessie Alufovitz - she was born 1871)

They had the following children:

Joe LUBITZ born 1912 in Kupiskis, Lithuania - lived in Zimbabwe and
Chaia Ginda LUBITZ born 1905 in Lithuania
Rokhlia Elka LUBITZ both 1906 in Kupiskia, Lithuania.

We think that Akiva Leib LUBITZ and Pessie ALUFOVITZ possibly had
three more children who left Lithuania and went to the States at the
turn of the century. Two died early but an older brother changed his
name to LURIE - was known as Sol LURIE. He lived in Hammond, Indiana
in the 1960s and had no children.

Does anyone know anything about Sol LURIE or the two brothers who
died early?

Please respond privately.

Bubbles Segall

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