Lithuanian surnames (daughters) #lithuania

Alyssa Freeman

Hi, all -

I have a question about the surnames of daughters in Lithuania. I
have a couple of female ancestors who seem to have maiden names that
were not the same as their father (or not what documents in this
country say their maiden name was). One, >from what other relatives
have told me and has documents that show this, had the maiden name
FEINSTEIN (Rasha Minie FEINSTEIN), but records on the All-Lithuania
Database give it - consistently - as variations of SHACHAR, and her
father was apparently a Rabbi with that last name (Yehuda Leib
SHACHAR, according to a post on about her husband).

Her death records give FEINSTEIN as her maiden name. (If it was SHACHAR,
does anyone know anything about Rabbi Yehuda Leib SHACHAR, who had
grandson with the same name was also a Rabbi? He was pretty
well-known. There's a Rabbi Yehuda Leib who was >from Rumsiskes, where
Rash Minie's husband was from, but left and went to Vilnius. I don't
know where in Lithuania Rasha Minie was born and the Rabbi Yehuda Leib
mentioned in the Kehila Links for Rumsiskes seems like he was old
enough to be her grandfather, at least, not her father. I can provide
the Kevarim link if anyone is interested).

Another one's father was clearly LEVANISKY (Itsik LEVANISKY), yet her
maiden name was GORDON (Feige GORDON). It's given as GORDON in her
marriage record on the ALD. Her mother's maiden name isn't listed and
I don't think her father's surname is given, either. I have MIRREL in
my records, but I'm not sure if that's a surname or part of her given
name. If it is her surname, was it her father's or her mother's?

Alyssa Freeman

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