New files added to the Vilnius District Research Group of LitvakSIG #lithuania

Jill <ja324435@...>

I have added two new files to the many now available to contributors to
the Vilnius District Research Group (DRG) of LitvakSIG.

The first is a Draft List containing the names of merchants >from 1878.
The "comments" column has a lot of information about the person: who
they lived with, their date of birth, in some cases their address,
the name of the school they attended, etc. There are 424 lines.

The second file is a draft list >from 1908 and there are 2,125 lines
of information. If you would like to see these and many other lists
that we have translated, you need to contribute $100 to Vilna DRG.
That will give you five years of access to our files on Excel
spreadsheets and you can download them, sort them as you want or
just browse them. They will be put onto our "All Lithuania Database",
which is free to search, 18 months after they are available =
to contributors.

If you are researching your family in the Vilnius area, please consider
contributing to the group. Just go to our site here: Along the green bar at the top, choose
"membership and contributions" then chick on "join and contribute".
Select "Research groups for Districts and Gubernias", select "Vilnius"
from the District menu Type 100 as the amount in US dollars. Press
the "add to cart" button, and then the "checkout now" button. When your
contribution has been processed, you will receive instruction about how
to access our files.

Jill Anderson
Coordinator Vilnius District Research Group

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