Varniai tombstone images #lithuania <Jewishgen@...>

I also have pictures that I took last year. They can be found at:

Paul Seftel, you are welcome to add them to the Varniai Kehilla links

Michael Snyder

Researching: Snyder, Highstein, Gouline, Bass, Musicant, Oks, Khait, Galon,
Shenker, Kreiger, Paliukar, Zaidel, Gertsberg, Shkurnik, Kats, Tamshe,
Altschul, and Khazan.

In Lithuania: Birzai, Pasviten, Linkova, Pasvalys, Krekenava, Kaunas,
Pumpenai, and Varniai.

Researching: Gouline, Galon, Oks, Gertsberg, Shkurnik

In Ukraine: Radyvyliv, Lutzk, Kremenets, Shunsk, and Rivne.

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