Stakliskes family member ZELIGMAN #lithuania

Angie Elfassi


My grandfather Mordechai was born with the surname REICHZELIGMAN. Some of
the family were ZELIGMAN.

On the database of Lithuanian births for Stakliskes, I came across
a ZELIGMAN. I have no idea where to attach this 'discovery'.

And, if I cant find where to add him now, how or where should I
save the information?

ZELIGMAN ,Borukh; father: Shlioma; grandfather: Abraam;
Mother: Etla
DOB, 3/6/1872; 26,Iyyar 5632
Place: Stakliskes, Trakai, Vilnius

Circumcision date 10-Jun-1872, circumcision by Itska ZABROV
Father was a publican Stakliskes

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

Angie Elfassi

RAYKH-ZELIGMAN/RICHMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/Leeds
COHEN, Sakiai, Lithuania/Leeds
MAGIDOWITZ, Jurbarkas, Lithuania/Leeds
KASSIMOFF, Rezekne, Latvia/Leeds
ITMAN, Stakliskes, Lithuania/USA

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