LitvakSIG Luncheon at the IAJGS Conference in Cleveland #lithuania

Barry Halpern

If you're attending the IAJGS Conference in Cleveland, don't miss the
annual LitvakSIG luncheon! You need to purchase a ticket through the
conference website (if you're already registered for the Conference).

Our original guest speaker, Mr. Agurkis >from the Lithuanian Central
State Archives, has had to cancel due to health issues. However, we
are very fortunate to have with us Mr. Elliot Matz, who will be
speaking about an exciting new project in Rumsiskes, Lithuania (about
half-way between Vilnius and Kaunas), a major expansion of the
existing open-air museum there. The current museum was constructed
under Soviet rule, with only minor updates since. Plans for the
expansion involve a more realistic presentation of Jewish history and
involvement in Lithuanian and Eastern European communities. This also
includes archaeological exploration led by Dr. Richard Freund during
July, 2019. Dr. Freund is well-known for work that includes the
excavation work for the Great Synagogue of Vilnius.

Elliot Matz retired in 2017 as Executive Vice President and Chief
Operating Officer of the not-for-profit Brooklyn Navy Yard Development
Corporation, a job-creator for New York City. Prior to that role, he
served in several senior executive roles related to real estate
property management, and has published several articles and book
chapters on corporate real estate strategy. He now serves on the
boards for two non-profits, including the Baltic American Chamber of
Commerce, whose mission is to promote business activity between the
Baltic States and the United States. He is also working on a major
expansion of the Open-Air Museum of Lithuania at Rumsiskes. He earned
a bachelor's degree in architecture, and a masters degree in business
administration. On the personal side, Mr. Matz has been his own
family's genealogist and historian, including the production of an
extensive family tree and Matz history. This has included research in
Lithuania, Canada, England, Israel and Argentina.

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