Lida District / Oshmiany District BOF meeting in Cleveland #lithuania


If you're planning on attending the IAJGS Conference in Cleveland,
and your family came >from Belitsa, Eisiskes, Lida, Novy Dwor,
Orlya, Ostryna, Radun, Rozhanka, Shchuchin, Vasilishki, Voronova
and Zheludok in the Lida District...


Derevna, Dieveniskes, Golshany, Ivye, Krevo, Lipnishki,
Naliboki, Oshmiany, Smorgon, Soly, Traby, Volozhin, Vishnevo,
Zaskevichi, or Zhuprany in the Oshmiany District...

Then please join us for the Lida District / Oshmiany District
Birds of a Feather (BOF) meeting, Thursday, August 1 at 4:45 p.m.
in the Superior B Room.

We'll have the chance to network with other landslayt, discuss
exciting new and prospective translations for Lida District and
Oshmiany District towns, and review the many existing
Internet resources for researching those two Districts.

Judy Baston, Coordinator

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