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Garri Regev

LitvakSIG has had another year of growth with a focus on releasing the
Vilnius Household Registers (VHR). Data continues to be made available
in batches, and the batch preview will allow you to determine if a
particular batch is of interest to you. For more detailed information
about the registers and our project please check out the LitvakSIG
website (
To date there are approximately 35,000 lines available with the latest
batch release. Please remember that this information may help you find
mention of relatives who lived elsewhere and traveled to Vilnius or
were headed elsewhere and stopped in Vilnius along the way.

Obeliai Questionnaires - Because Jews, as a group, were suspected of
disloyalty to the Russian Empire, they were hastily thrown out of
western Kovno gubernia in May of 1915 as WWI came to Lithuania and the
Germans attacked >from East Prussia. Most were sent to interior Russia.
After the war, tens of thousands of the surviving displaced Lithuanian
Jews tried to return to Lithuania, almost all of them passing through
the frontier quarantine station in the tiny town of Obeliai. This was,
for all practical purposes, the only route back >from Russia. In
Obeliai, each returnee (or family head) filled out a questionnaire
indicating where they intended to go if readmitted to Lithuania and
includes significant personal details about each family member such as
the date and place of birth, maiden name, father's name, etc. Many of
these questionnaires have been preserved in the LCVA. We are pleased
to present these records. The total number of records is unknown; as
we translate more records, they will be appended to the existing
spreadsheet. An additional release is expected shortly.
In addition to the VHR LitvakSIG has released many other databases.

Our thanks to Russ Maurer, Dorothy Leivers and all of the volunteers
who spend hours preparing the databases for us.

A year ago we spoke of an upcoming member benefit. We're ready to give
you a peek! In the Members section of the LitvakSIG website you will
notice the headings: LitvakSIG Business, Resource Library, Maps,
Member List, News - and then three lines. When you click there you
will find another tab, Videos of Interest to LitvakSIG members or
We have started gathering videos and audio recordings that you may
find of interest.

There are many interesting resources for all researching family in
Lithuania in the Members Section, available to all dues-paying
members of LitvakSIG. Take some time to check it out.

In the coming year we hope that many of you will be at the IAJGS
Conference in San Diego, CA August 9-14, 2020. We have already
begun planning the programming for this conference. The IAJGS
Conference presents a wonderful opportunity to connect and learn together.

Please - while you are reading this and it is fresh in your memory -
go to the LitvakSIG website
and join or renew your membership for 2020!! We need your continued

Thank you in advance.

Garri Regev
LitvakSIG Membership Chair

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