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Meri-Jane Rochelson <rochelso@...>

I was very interested to see this thread concerning Rostov-on-Don (Rostov-
na-Donu, in Russian). My father and his family lived there >from 1915 to
1921, when they were exiled >from the western Russian empire (specifically
Kovno) during World War I. Given that this period included the Russian
revolution and civil war as well as the world war, I am not too optimistic
that records >from that time exist. However, I never give up entirely!
If anyone knows of records of the Jewish community in Rostov-on-Don
during that era, I would be happy to know about them. I would also be
interested in records of the Jewish cemetery, where it is possible my
maternal great-grandmother is buried.

With thanks,

Meri-Jane Rochelson, PhD
Professor Emerita, English
Florida International University
North Miami, FL 33181

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