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Subject: We Remember Bergen Belsen!
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2000 13:31:53 +0300
From: Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>
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I answer Sherry Schernbeck who sent me an email in my "guest book"
with copy to JewishGen, as my reply might interest other
JewishGenners who lost their relatives in Bergen Belsen, or did
manage to survive themselves this hideous camp Bergen Belsen.
The present Bergen Belsen authorities have a giant memorial project
where they add information about the camps' victims (alive or dead,
survivors or victims).

You can fill up the form in my web page at:
I must clarify that I have no connections whatsoever with the
Bergen Belsen authorities, and I just volunteered to post the form to
help their project through the internet.

This was following a request of my dear friend Ester Reis nee'
Yoskovitz >from Jerusalem, who lost her beloved sister Itka Yoskovitz,
born 1921 in Lodz and died 1945 in Bergen Belsen, 2 weeks only
before liberation...

In addition, Bergen Belsen Authorities erect memorial plaques at their
premises, (in the shape of matzeva) on the plot of the cursed earth
where the camp stook and near the mass graves, if sent to them by
indioviduals all through the world.

The address of the management is:

Niedersachsische Landeszentrale Fur Politische Bildung.
Gedenkstatte Bergen Belsen, 29303 Lohheide, Germany.
Telefon (05051)6011.

The email of the young dedicated director, Dr. Thomas Rahe is

In addition, be advised that there is a very active Bergen Belsen
organisation in Israel, who only recently arranges a memorial mission
to Bergen belsen, toindicate the 55 years since the liberation of the
camp which was 15 April 1945. I can easily find their telephone and
address, if requested >from me.


Ada Holztman
Web Site: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/4017/

Sherry Schernbeck - 04/15/00 22:47:02
My Email:jap972@...
I tried to fill out the form for Bergen Belsen,but it wouldn't let me,
that is
where my mother was at. she is still alive,and she wanted me to fill it
out, she thinks this is good for people to know.
she is 74. She still speaks and can still read Polish,i have her
things on here for me, she likes doing that,she hopes one day everybody
can find there love ones, we are still looking, keep
up the good work
thank you Sherry

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