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Dear Fellow Researchers,

An important new book on Jewish Lodz was published this year: "Synagogues and
Prayer Houses of Lodz (to 1939)," by noted Lodz historian Jacek Walicki, in
both Polish and English. It is a fascinating look at why and how all the
major synagogues and many prayer houses were founded in Lodz, and by whom. It
includes photos (before and after the Nazi destruction), drawings and plans
of the synagogues.

Appendix I includes a never before published chart of all the prayer houses
in Lodz -- I counted about 300 prayer houses! The chart includes the prayer
house's "police address", the property's real estate registration/mortgage
number, date (ranges >from 1873-1937), names of the elders (gaboim), number of
people registered in the prayer house, and source of information.

For those of you interested in this book, here is the specific information:

"Synagogues and Prayer Houses of Lodz (to 1939)"
The State Archive of Lodz
University of Lodz
Institute of International Studies
Interdisciplinary Team for Religious Research
Author: Jacek Walicki
Translated >from Polish by Guy Russell Torr
Publisher: Ibidem, Lodz, 2000
ISBN: 83-912403-9-8

Publisher's Address:
Wydawnictwo Ibidem
ul. Krotka 6, 95-004 Kurowice k/Lodzi,
tel./fax (042) 214 00 04; e-mail:

Shirley Rotbein Flaum
Houston, TX

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