January 2001 Yizkor Book Report #poland #lodz


Subject: January 2001 Yizkor Book Report
From: Joyce Field

January 2001 was a spectacular month: we added 9 new books and
updated an amazing 20 books that were already online. Appreciation
for this output is due the html technical volunteers, John Berman,
webmaster, and Lance Ackerfeld, who in addition to his duties as
Yizkor Book htmler and QA coordinator as well as Permissions
Coordinator, has added the new title of HTML Coordinator. This is a
person who can wear as many hats as you can throw his way.

For those of you that like statistics, the Yizkor Book Project now
has 264 separate entries and there are 47 libraries in the database.
There were 115,000 hits on this site in January. The index page for
the yizkor book translations is at

New Books:

-Belchatow, Poland: Belchatow Anniversary Publication of the Mutual
Aid Society of Belchatow and its surrounding areas
-Brisk, Belarus: Brisk Edicion Aniversario (Brisk 30th Anniversary Edition)
-Gorodets (Horodets), Belarus
-Silesia Region
-Gura Humorului, Ukraine: Geschichte der Juden in der Bukowina
-Skalat, Ukraine: Es shtarbt a shtetl; megiles
-Yedintzi, Belarus
-Warsaw, Poland
-Zdunska-Wola, Poland

Updated Books:

-Annopol, Poland
-Belchatow, Poland
-Buchach, Ukraine
-Bukowina (Region), Romania/Ukraine: 4 separate chapters plus the
table of contents were added
----Solca, Storozhinets, Vizhnitsa, Suceava
-Chortkov, Ukraine
-Droghiczhn, Belarus
-Jurbarkas, Lithuania
-Kolbuszowa, Poland
-Kolno, Poland
-Lida, Belarus
-Mikulince, Ukraine
-Opole-Lubelski, Poland
-Oradea, Romania
-Radauti, Romania
-Radzymin, Poland
-Rogatin, Ukraine
-Szczczyn, Belaraus
-Zaglembia, Poland (Region)

We keep adding yizkor book translation fundraising projects--all
worthy projects that need your financial support. See

Bolekhov, Ukraine
Brest, Belarus
Brzeziny, Poland
Buchach, Ukraine
Chelm, Poland
Czyzew, Poland
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drogichin, Belarus
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Goniadz, Poland
Gorodenka, Ukraine
Gorodok, Ukraine
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Kremenets, Ukraine
Krynki, Poland

Lancut, Poland
Maramures Region
Przemysl, Poland
Pulawy, Poland
Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
Rzeszow, Poland
Slutsk, Belarus
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Telekhany, Belarus
Wolbrom, Poland
Yedintsy, Moldova
Zgierz, Poland

To find out how you can start a project to translate a yizkor book, please

A reminder that the necrologies of all online translations are at
http://www.jewishgen.org/databases/yizkor/. The index will be
periodically updated.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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