Re: jri-pl digest: February 04, 2001 #poland #lodz

Sara K. Scolnick <sara@...>

RE: Additional Hamburg passengers on list online
RE: Hamburg passenger List referred to in jri-pl digest: 2/4/01, I was
able to locate 2 names that may have been either ancestors or part of my
distant family. In any case, the ship was bound for New York. Am I to
assume that the ship went directly to New York and these 2 passengers
disembarked there? Is there a possibility that they may have
disembarked elsewhere or continued on to other locations? Also, if they
did disembark in New York, what resources are available to follow the
search? How can I trace this route further? I would appreciate all suggestions.
Sara Kirstein Scolnick
Boston, MA USA

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