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Dear Annette,

I'm responding to your post in this forum in case it will help other
subscribers with their family research. Some of your family mysteries might
be solved by searching the JRI-Poland database at
<>. I did a quick search and
found the following:

1) in Piotrkow Trybunalski there was only one BLUMENSZTEJN, but numerous
BLUMSZTEJNs. In particular, there were 3 birth records for BLUMSZTEJN Ita in
1878, who might be your Yetta BLUMSTEIN who married in 1899 in Manchester.
Order the Piotrkow Tryb microfilms >from your local Mormon Family History
Center to check this out.

2) in Lodz, there was a birth record for a FERBER Ruchla in 1867, and a
marriage record for FERBER Ruchla and GOLDBERG Mosek in 1896. They might be
your Morris and Rachel (nee' FARBER) GOLDBERG, who hosted Annie GOLDBERG's
wedding. The 1867 record will be on the Mormon microfilms and you can order
the marriage record >from the Lodz Archives (follow the link at the bottom of
the search results page).

3) in Piotrkow Trybunalski, a GOLDBERG Moszek was born in 1868. He could be
the same person as in 2) above. Check it out in the Piotrkow Tryb microfilms.

I hope this information gives you a start to your family research.

Shirley Flaum

Subject: Introduction
From: Annette Young <granynet@...>
Date: Sat, 17 Feb 2001 15:14:49 -0800
X-Message-Number: 1

Dear Lodz researchers,
I am taking this opportunity to introduce myself as I find this web site
very informative. I recently started researching on my Paternal side of
family including my Grandmother born Yetta Blumenstein or Blumstein
according to Marriage and death certificate. Death certificate says born in
Piotkrow around 1878. her parents were Mark and Rebecca as listed on
marriage license in Manchester, England in 1899. Story told was that she
wanted to marry cousin in Piotrkow so parents sent her to Manchester to stay
with other relatives. She ended up marrying her cousin Abraham Cohen. I
believe her mother Rebecca was a Goldberg prior to marriage as Abraham's
Mother was Hana [Annie Goldberg Cohen] and the marriage took place in the
home of Morris Goldberg and Rachael Farber Goldberg. Morris was the nephew
of Annie Goldberg my GGGrandmother. The Goldbergs were also born in Poland
as well as the Farbers. Have been unable to find any information on the
Blumensteins as yet.
Hana Goldberg's family has been easier to research as we have found many
living relatives.
Another puzzle is Abraham's father, my great grandfather Morris Cohen as we
were told family changed name when emigrating to England. Morris is listed
as Moses on his son Joseph's death certificate in 1908 in Los Angeles CA.
It shows Joseph as being born in Russia and his older sister Rachael as
being born in Poland 1867 and 1869. Abraham was born in Berlin in 1877. Last
siblinng Ester listed as being born in Manchester, Eng. 1879. Was told
Morris came >from White Russia but seeing he married a Polish girl I suspect
he must have resided in one of the Polish [Russian period] shetls. Was told
previous name was Seid.
SEID, COHEN, Belarus, Poland, Manchester Eng. >USA
BLUMSTEIN, BLUMENSTEIN, Piotrkow, Lodz, England> USA
MARGOLIASH, MARGOLIUS, MARGOLESE: Raseiniai, Lithuania, Memel, Sassmacken,
Glasgow, Scotland>Montreal Canada
OLSHWANG-Kaunas, Courland
Annette Young, Westminster, CA. USA


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