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Ron Landau <rlandau@...>

Dear Chaim:

In response to your inquiry, let met state that in researching the LANDAU
family, most notably the descendants of the Ciechanower, Rav. Abraham
Dobrzinsky LANDAU, I have come across numerous dual-named rabbis:
specifically, Dov Berish LANDAU of Biala, Reb. Yakov Yitzack LANDAU of
Melave, Reb. Simcha Bunem LANDAU of Biala, Reb. Aaron Zvi LANDAU of Biala
(or Melave), Reb. Raphael Naftali DOBRZINSKY of Pernichow, etc. It would
appear that these individuals are either named for well-know rabbis or
possibly the second name may be either a family "nickname" or a name by
which he was known in the community. In either case, double names (or
middle names) are not unusual in the rabbinic community, and what makes the
research difficult is that often the last name is not used and thus, several
individuals may possess the same name(s) and be totally unrelated. The
search is difficult, sometimes very confusing, but the satisfaction of
solving the puzzle is most rewarding.

Good luck in your research.

Ron Landau
Huntington Beach, CA USA

Subject: Some statistical questions about the pairing of
given names Chaim and Shalom (Haim Shulem etc.).
From: "hankman" <hankman@...>
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2001 11:00:32 -0500
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I would like to ask several questions about the given names
Shalom (Haim Shulem etc.).

1) Does anyone know of any well known Rabbis (Rebbes etc)
who had this
combination of first and middle names?

2) Statistically, is this a common combination of a pair of
names, or
is it fairly rare to pair the names Chaim with Shalom? Names
Benyamin Zev and Yehuda Leib and others are commonly paired
is this like those?

3) Is it possible to tie the pair of names to a particular
geographical location (in Poland or Eastern Europe of
through the higher frequency of occurrence of this name in
locations as compared to other locations? Does anyone have

The reason I ask, is, I have a gfather named Chaim Shalom
Frydman (a
very common surname) born circa 1879 in Tomazsow Maz. I have
received email >from someone with a ggfather also named Haim
Frydman, but >from Slawatycze, Biala Podlaska, Poland and
born circa
1840. We have no other data that could tie these two men to
the same
family. This has prompted the above questions. I am trying
determine the likelihood that they were related and named
for the same
person higher up in the family tree, or if perhaps they are
named for some famous Rabbi of the period and therefore
possibly not
related despite the same name.

Interested in your opinions or experiences with this sort of
genealogical thinking.

Chaim Manaster
Montreal, Canada

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