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Dear Fellow Researchers,

It's great to hear >from so many new members. Keep your posts coming -- you
never know when someone might have the piece of the puzzle that you need.
Even if you don't get an immediate response, remember that your posts to this
list are archived in the JewishGen SIG List Archives, searchable at
<>. Other
researchers may find your post in the future and be able to share information
with you.

I also want to share this comment that was left in the JewishGen general
guestbook and forwarded to me today. It is in response to a visit to the Lodz
ShtetLinks web site:

"Thank you for making this information available to teachers. I believe that
ignorance is the most profound danger to humankind in any time."

It's always nice to hear that we are making a difference!

All the best,
Shirley Rotbein Flaum

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