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Carol W. Skydell <cwskydell@...>

We are pleased to inform all interested researchers about a joint effort
on the part of JewishGen and the Jewish Genealogical Society of Great
Britain to preserve records of Jewish communities in the UK.

The aim of the Jewish Communities and Records UK (JCR-UK) project is to
record, in electronic format, genealogical and other historical information
about the UK Jewish Communities >from the mid 17th Century to the present
day, and to make this information freely available via the Internet.

For further information contact:
Laurence Harris computers@... JCR-UK Project Coordinator, JGSGB

The project will develop an integrated searchable database using records
from a variety of sources including:
· Birth, circumcision, marriage and burial records.
· Synagogue membership lists
· School pupil lists
· Trade directories
· Immigration records
· Jewish Charity records (including donation lists)
· Newspaper records.

The database is expected to cover about 500 Jewish communities, many of
which, unfortunately, do not exist any more.

We shall be working closely with a number of UK archives and Jewish
Communal organizations to identify relevant sources of data. The records
will be indexed, and where appropriate transcribed or captured as digital

JGSGB will be responsible for coordinating the data gathering, indexing and
transcription of the records. JewishGen will provide the technical
infrastructure and know-how for the project.

The first phase of this project will be the launch of 'JCR-UK Discussion
Group', a free e-mail based discussion forum for those researching their
Jewish ancestors who lived in the UK, and for those interested in a
particular UK Jewish community or congregation. We shall be discussing
records available in the UK and research techniques, sharing information
and answering questions. The discussion group will be launched on Monday 8
July 2002. To join please use the Special Interest Group sign-up page at select Subscribe, and then tick
the circle to the left of United Kingdom:
Jewish Communities and Records.

The second phase will be a web site and the release of the first batch of
records into the searchable database, which is expected to occur in
Autumn/Winter 2002.

John Berman, who formulated the idea and is the JCR-UK project manager,
" My own community of Grimsby will, in reality, not exist in another 10-15
years. All that will remain, unless we take action, will be a few books on
an obscure library shelf and some memories that will be lost when the
current generation passes on. This is something that will, no doubt,
happen to many other Jewish communities, if it has not already. The sense
of 'community' thorough stories, pictures and audio, is just as important
as hard genealogical data such as cemetery registers. It is vital that we
make such information available to the current generation and also preserve
it for posterity. The power of the Internet now provides us with the
perfect medium to achieve these objectives".

Laurence Harris, the JCR-UK Project Coordinator commented:
"The JCR-UK project will provide an invaluable on-line resource for both
genealogists and those interested in UK Jewish communities. I am delighted
that this project is being supported by the combined resources of both the
JGSGB who are the 'Centre of Excellence' for UK Jewish genealogical
research, and JewishGen with their unrivalled expertise in the use of the
Internet to benefit Jewish Genealogy".

Carol Skydell, the JewishGen Vice President for Special Projects said:
"JewishGen is so pleased to be able to provide this information as a public
service to the world wide community of those researching their Jewish
ancestry, history, culture and heritage. The joint JCR-UK project is just
one more piece of the massive grass roots effort creating another link in
the chain being forged by JewishGen towards preserving our history for
future generations."

Anthony Winner
Chairman, Jewish Genealogical Society of Great Britain

Carol Skydell
Vice President for Special Projects - JewishGen

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