Umschlagplatz Discovered in Lodz--Jewish Press Newspaper #poland #lodz


In its Friday July 19th issue, _ The Jewish Press_ (NY edition), ran an
article on page 32 with the above title. (I couldn't find it in their on-line
edition.) Article reports that the orginal building located on Stalowa
Street near Infloncka served as the Umschlagplatz. The tracks could also be
seen. This is quite a find since most of these buildings in other towns
were destroyed. It still has the original walls, doors, and ramps. Simcha
Keller, head of the Jewish Community in Lodz, is organizing the restoration
of the site. It's possible that old inscriptions may be found. The present
owner has agreed to sell and vacate the building within a month or so.

Roni Seibel Liebowitz
New York

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