KOENIG Family from Lodz/Leczyca #lodz #poland

Edna Hoover

Looking for family of my grandfather: "Max" Sukher Mordkhe-Yissakhar
Mordekhai BAUMGARTEN. He often referred to grandparents >from the
KEINIG-KOENIG family in Leczyca near Lodz.

The family names listed in the Holocaust documents I received from
Daniel Dratwa in Belgium for Leizer Hirsh BAUMGARTEN, his younger
brother, show:

Parents: Menahem BAUMGARTEN & Liebe Braineh FRANKENTAL

Maternal grandparents: Shabse FRANKENTAL & Sarah HAMBURGER

Paternal grandparents: Judah Leib BAUMGARTEN & Anna Taube IZBUTSKY

Yedidiah Frankel's "Sefer Linshits" mentions (p. 200) that the
family of Getsel-Goetzl KEINIG-KOENIG, the Mohel, and his daughters
Priba, Fraide, Hindel, Liebe Braineh, Manya, Kriysa, and all their
families were killed in the Holocaust. Re'uven HAMBURGER, or
HAMBURGER, the grocer, and his family is also mentioned.

Do you have any information on these families >from the Lodz-Leczyca
area of Poland?

Thanks for your help.

Edna Hoover

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