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On several occasions and in different publications, I noticed that
many people were sent to the ghetto prison for minor or less minor
infringements to the ghetto/german regulations. Some died in the
prison. Are there any records >from the ghetto-prison and could they
contain useful genealogical datas?
All the German military and civil records were transferred back to
Berlin ahead of the advancing Red Army. They were microfilmed and
then sealed in caves until after the war. Upon their discovery,
they were transferred to a classified records center (Dahlem) in
Berlin, and a second set was made and then transferred to the U.S.
National Archives, also classified. As fifty years has passed, the
set in Dahlem has been declassified and transferred to the German
archives in Koblenz. The second set has also been declassified and
is now available to the general public at the National Archives
annex in Maryland.

The intercept effort by the British (ULTRA) also recorded,
decrypted, and translated the Police Battalions in the rear areas of
the Eastern Front. This intelligence collection effort documented
the rounding up, collecting in Ghettos, and mass murder of Jews
throughout the Pale of the Settlement. This effort documented, and
consequently the leadership of the American and British governments,
knew what was being done, when it was being done, and did nothing.

Don Jaffa

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