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Edna Hoover

I 've been trying to put together a family tree for our
FRANKENTAL-BAUMGARTEN branches >from the Lodz-Leczyca area. I've been working
entirely through Jewish Gen and have not gotten very far over the past 4
years. Perhaps you can help me locate more information:

1. I located JRI-Poland marriage records for Liebe Brane FRANKENTAL, b. 1878
Leczyca and Menahem BAUMGARTEN b. 1876 Leczyca:

Town: Lodz PSA BMD 1899,1900 Gubernia: Piotrkow / Province: Lodz
(records in Fond 1568 in Lodz Archive) Located at 51°45' 19°28' Last
updated June 2001
Surname Given name Year Type Akt
BAUMGARTEN Menachem 1900 M 414
FRANKENTAL Liba Brana 1900 M 414

2. I found 1942 deportation records for Leser Hirsch BAUMGARTEN, b.1905
Leczyca in the Belgian Jewish Museum. He's listed with his wife, Mariem
Hinde FUHRER REINHOLD and their 2 children, Nesanel Wolf and Anna.

3. Leser Hirsch was the brother of our grandfather, Sucher Mordkhe-Max
BAUMGARTEN, b.1903 Leczyca, escaped Vienna, Austria ca. 1938. His maternal
grandparents are listed as Shabse FRANKENTAL and Sarah HAMBURGER. His
paternal grandparents are listed as Yehudah Leib BAUMGARTEN and Anna Taube

4. HEYMANN's genealogy website www.heymannfamily.com has a listing for a
Yoel FRANKENTAL, b. 1922, living in Bnei Brak, Israel, who may be a cousin
of our grandfather. The names of his descendants match our family names-
Yissachar, Mordechai, Menachem and Yehudah.

4. There are 2 holocaust records for Sucher and Sucher Mordkhe FRANKENTAL
from Lodz. He was born in 1918 and is listed as a Dachau survivor-
Pinkas HaNitzolim I - Register of Jewish Survivors
Searching for Surname FRANKENTAL (D-M code 796563) Number of hits: 7

Name (Maiden Name) Age / Year Born Place Former Residence/ Birth Place List
Name Page Comments

FRANKENTAL, Sucher Year Born: 18 Lodz

Polish Jews Liberated >from the Dachau Camp - 9 103 Lodz Ghetto List
Searching for Surname FRANKENTAL (D-M code 796563) Number of hits: 37

Name Maiden/ Other Surnames Marital Status Born/ Age Gender Residence
Ghetto Street House Next Address Date Reg Type Deported/ Type
Transport/ Destination Died Place Notes Occupation

FRANKENTAL, Sucher Mordka 1918 M Lodz, Poland Sud 29
Pfauen Strasse 18 Flat 3 27/04/1941 / AG

5. Our grandfather also said that his family was related to the KOENIG and
HAMBURGER families in the same town. Years ago, I found references to both
families in Itzhak Yedidiah FRENKEL's "Sefer Linshits" Yizkor Book, Tel Aviv
1953, but I was not able to ascertain the relationships-

P. 200 states that the family of Getsel-Goetzl KEINIG-KOENIG, the Mohel, and
his daughters Priba, Fraide, Hindel, Liebe Braineh, Manya, Kriysa, and all
their families were killed in the Holocaust. KOENIG, Hayyim Simha and his
wife Rahel... KOENIG, Leibel and his children... KOENIG, Freida and Beila
Hindel... Later on, he mentions Goetzel KOENIG, p. 205 and Leibel KOENIG, p.
Re'uven HAMBURGER, or HAMBURGER, the Grocer, and his family are also

Any leads would be greatly appreciated...

Edna Hoover
JGFF Researcher # 66736

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