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I too have been spending hours on this data base. I get the chills though, reading
about the transport dates out of the Ghetto. That brings a reality back to the

My Uncle, who is a Ghetto survivor, feels that there are quite some errors
with the data that I mentioned to him, with regard to the transports.
Some of our relatives are shown as being transported out in 1942.
My Uncle is sure that they were transported in 1944. My Uncle was part
of the Ghetto administration, so I believe that he has a good handle on
the actual dates. Perhaps an error by the translators.

Otherwise, it is an excellent resource.

See you in Lodz in August.

Ron Brandt
Morristown, NJ

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Fantastic , fabulous,
I found as like as you , my uncle, my  aunt ( maybe) and four of my cousins,
my father gave me the name of his beloved brother
Zanvele dead of starvation , now I know exactly when it happend.

Zeev Negby
Kibbutz Mishmar Hanegev

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This is fabulous. I already had the names and addresses of my aunt, uncle,
four of my cousins >from the Lodz Ghetto List, but one cousin was married and
I didn't know her last name. By searching on "Bina" and then finding her
exact birth date among the Bina's listed, I knew I'd found her. I then
on the address listed for her and found her husband and two children whom I
didn't know existed!  Thank you! Thank you!

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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