Lodz photo Jan 19th 1945 - viewmate 4452 #lodz #poland

Orit Lavi <orit@...>

Dear friends

I have posted a photo to Viewmate, taken >from my late mother's photo album.
The photo was most likely taken on Jan 19th 1945, Lodz liberation day, and
pictures the liberation party held by a few of Lodz survivors as well as at
least one Russian soldier.

On its back there is a note, translated >from Russian:
Praised the victors, the red army, who liberated Lodz".

My mother and a few family members where among those 800 or so who remained
in Lodz until its liberation, part of them hiding in Bunkers in the Ghetto.
In addition to them and the Russian soldier, there are other people whom I
don't recognize.

I wish to know who the rest of the people are, as well as any background
detail that might shed a light on the people in the photo who managed to
remain in Lodz after its liquidation. In addition I would welcome any
insight on the photo, and the circumstances it was taken.

For info or comments of personal nature on the people in the photo - please
respond privately.

To view the photo, access

Many thanks

Orit Lavi
Tsukey-Yam, Israel

ROZNER - Lodz, Klimontow, Osiek; CUKIER - Pinczow; DIAMANT - Stopnica area;
LEWKOWICZ - Lodz, Staszow ; OFMAN - Staszow, Polaniec; ERMAN - Lodz,
Tomaszow Mazowieski, Tuszyn;
LIDZBARSKI - Lodz, Mlawa, Aleksandrow Lodzki; HORONCZYK - Lodz , Lutomiersk;
SZATAN - Mlawa area;
LANDAU - Lodz; EJZNER - Tuszyn; FUKS - Lodz, Ozorkow; ZYLBERSTEJN - Lodz,
Konstantinow, Pilica;

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