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Thank you for posting this.

Where and how are these photos accessible?

National Gallery??

What is the "Archive of Modern Conflict" - a state institution?

One always wonders if one might recognize a relative.

Best, Maurice

Maurice Preter, M.D.
New York, N.Y.

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An exhibition of Lodz ghetto photos taken by Henryk Ross, the official Lodz
Ghetto photographer, was recently shown at the Prague Langhans gallery.

Henryk Ross took 6,000 photos during his stay in the ghetto. Prior to the
ghetto's liquidation, he succeeded to bury the negatives. Henryk Ross
survived and unearthed the negatives >from the ghetto area after the war.

The exhibition opened in Prague to commemorate the 5,000 Czech Jews sent
from Prague to the Lodz Ghetto in Poland during the Second World War. Only
227 Czech Jews survived the experience and returned to Bohemia. Many Jews
were deported to Lodz >from Vienna as well.

Please see

The Prague exhibition has already been closed on February 19, 2005, but it
was planned to travel to Amsterdam, Milan and Lodz.

Timothy Prus, the curator for the Archive of Modern Conflict in London,
which now holds the Ross photo collection, has edited a book on Ross' work,
called Lodz Ghetto Album. The photos shown in the exhibition were a
selection >from this Album.

Uriel Meretz, Ramat-Hasharon, Israel

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