KLEPFISZ, Nison (Nusen), 1923 Commercial Directory - Lodz #poland #lodz

Elizabeth Jackson

Dear members,

Through the 1923 Commercial Directory for Poland, I
have learned the address in Lodz and profession of my

Listed as "Nusen KLEPFISZ", we know him as Nison/Nisen
KLEPFISZ. The address listed is Zgierska nr. 6. The
profession is "Zelazo, detal" which translates as
"Iron depots".

Now for my questions:

1. Since this is a commercial directory, should I
assume that this address is for a business only and
not a residence? I do not know what "Iron depots"
means exactly, so it's hard for me to determine if
this is a business that would be at a seperate address
from the residence.
2. With this name, profession, address and date in
hand, where do I go next for information? This is the
first time I have found information on the uncle
containing an address. We do have a marriage record
and two birth records for his children. These records
are in Cyrillic Russian and we have not yet been able
to get these translated. Would there be tax records
or such for the property which might provide
information? If so, where would these be located?

Any ideas and/or suggestions on how to obtain more
information on this family will be greatly
appreciated! You may respond to me privately at:

Thank you!
Elizabeth Jackson
Murfreesboro TN USA

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