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Hello Fay Bussgang

I noticed your reply to Tzilla Kratter regarding her search for Schleime

Are the Personnenblatt-Karty Meldunkowe >from 1918-1920 and the Ksiegi
Ludnosci (until 1931) which list all legal residents of Lodz you mentioned
available online?

When contacting the Lodz State Archives - can you email them or correspond
in English?

If the records are not online, can they just copy the pages for the
requested family name or does someone actually research this?

Lastly, are the Lodz State Archives for the city of Lodz proper or the whole

Thank you for your anticipated answers.

Nicki Chodnoff
Columbus Ohio

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Dear Tzilla Kratter,

Lodz Archives have very good records called Ksiegi Ludnosci (until 1931)
which list all legal residents of Lodz. A whole family is listed on one
page with
birth date, place, names of parents, occupation, where they last lived,

In addition, they have Personnenblatt-Karty Meldunkowe >from 1918-1920 with
much the same information. You could write the Lodz State Archives and ask
someone to do the research.

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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