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<< If I visit the archive in person - will it be more efficient rather than
writing a letter to the archive?
Will I be able to search the books myself?>>

You can ask the Lodz Archives to do the search for about $30 initial payment
and $10 a page or you can do the search yourself if you are in Poland.

Lodz Archives have a large card index organized alphabetically. You can look
through the index, pick the books you want to look at and ask the archivist to
bring them to you >from the stacks. You can then either just copy down the
information or ask to have the pages reproduced (which may take another day).

If you are planning a visit, it is best to write ahead, so they can have the
boxes with the card index for the letters you want ready. Otherwise, you may
have to wait a day until they retrieve them >from the depository.

If you are coming to Las Vegas, my husband and I are giving a talk Thursday
at 2:00 and will show examples of Books of Residents and what marvelous
information they hold.

Fay Bussgang
Lexington, MA

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