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Perhaps I missed this piece of information somewhere in this
discussion. What year or years does the Lodz Book of Residents


Hazel Sandow Boon
Hamilton, ON, Canada
Researching: SADOVSKI/SADOWSKY - Belchatów & Lodz, Poland, NYC;
HABER - Konyushki & Zurów, Galicia (now Zhuriv, Ukraine), NYC;
STARK - Bóbrka, Galicia (now Ukraine), NYC;

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From: "Nicki Chodnoff - On The Go Publishing"

Hello Everyone

Maybe indexing all the Lodz Books of Residents with its 180
volumes, 1440
households and perhaps 200,000 entries is too daunting a task.

However, maybe LARG can set aside an online area for a
database. There,
people who already researched the Lodz Book of Residents could
donate their
information, and as other people obtain information in the
future, they too
can post their information so it can be shared with all Lodz

A standardized form should be developed for the compiled
information so it
is easily searched and presented online. As a first thought,
there can be an
area where a copy of the original page >from the Book of
Residents can be
seen along and a part 2 with a place for the translation if

Nicki Chodnoff
Columbus, Ohio
researching ROZENTAL >from Lodz and Dobie; ORCHON >from Lodz,
Dobie, and
Poddebiece; and PARZENCZEWSKA >from Lodz and Ozorkow.

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